DR. HOUSE Orange

DR. HOUSE Disinfectant is effective against coronavirus.

DR. HOUSE Disinfectant and Disinfectant gel do not protect us from COVID19, but immediately destroy the virus present on the hands or surfaces. If you touch an infected object or a hand with your disinfected hands, the disinfectant will not protect you from infection with the virus, and it will be necessary to apply the disinfectant again to destroy the virus.

DR. HOUSE Disinfectant and DR. HOUSE Disinfectant gels contain more than 70 % alcohol. Which means they effectively destroy viruses and microorganisms.

DR. HOUSE Disinfectant does not absorb into the surface, but evaporates quickly from the surface and therefore does not destroy the furniture.

DR. HOUSE Disinfectant is based on alcohol, which dries out the skin, so it is necessary to add various additives to the disinfectant that prevent the skin from drying out and nourish it. That’s why we added glycerine to make sure the skin doesn’t dry out.

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Disinfection. Care. Cleaning.

DR. HOUSE Blue is designed for professional use, while DR. HOUSE Orange is designed for all households. Specifically, DR. HOUSE Blue is intended for use in health care institutions, GP offices, surgical disinfection and at care homes, while DR. HOUSE Orange is intended for hygienic disinfection for general use, households, shopping centres and public institutions.

DR. HOUSE Blue provides 3 functions: disinfection, care and cleaning. A special feature of the blue program is CARE while DR. HOUSE Orange provides only 3 functions, namely disinfection and cleaning.

DR. HOUSE Blue is made in compliance with EN standards while the orange program is not.

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DR. HOUSE Cleaners

DR. HOUSE Cleaners are packaged in black packaging. In this way, we made sure that no light passes through the packaging, which could affect the colour and quality of the product. Therefore, we do not add colour to DR. HOUSE Cleaners that could leave stains on surfaces where applied. Black packaging has the effect of maintaining the quality of the cleaner and at the same time gives 'premium' appearance.

Some DR. HOUSE Cleaners are applied directly to the desired surface, and some other DR. HOUSE Cleaners are applied to the cloth first to wipe the desired area with.

DR. HOUSE friendly advice - the use of protective gloves is highly recommendable to protect your hands from chemicals and aggressive agents that can damage your skin, or if your skin is already damaged the agents could penetrate into your body.

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Kancilja cosmetics

A healthy path to beautiful skin.

Create yourself a heavenly pleasure right in your home bathroom with Kancilja care cosmetics, which nourish your skin with everything it needs.

Kancilja cosmetics are paraben-free. The exception is Oliva collection of care products which have been on the market for the longest time and have been well received by customers. What are parabens anyway? Parabens is a group of preservatives that inhibit the growth of microorganisms and extend the shelf life of the product. For some time, they were considered undesirable in cosmetics, but various studies have shown that this is not the case.

Kancilija cosmetics have not been tested on animals and have all those 'real' good properties that you would provide not only yourself, but also your loved ones.

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Automotive products

The AVTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS offers high-quality products from the segments of lubricants, coolants, distilled water and windscreen cleaners, which we are constantly being updated and improved. In addition to the products, we also offer services such as filling the coolants, distilled water and windscreen cleaners, which we manufacture and fill to measure and according to customer wishes.

Distilled water and windscreen cleaners are also manufactured and marketed under the DR. HOUSE brand. We prepare distilled water, winter and summer windscreen cleaners in various concentrations and in various packaging for shops, road transportation companies and other major customers.

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About us

Plastik SI d.o.o., BU Tehnochem is a manufacturing company providing services in the area of development, preparation, mixing and filling of various technical and cosmetic products. Tehnochem has been part of the Plastik Group since 2009, and in 2016, as a business unit of Plastik SI d.o.o. became a member of the JUB Group. Our products, known to our customers under the Kancilja and DR. HOUSE brands, are the result of our own development and know-how. The products are synonymous with cleanliness and personal hygiene in most Slovenian homes. In addition, we also offer filling services for other manufacturers' brands. Our professional staff, in cooperation with the customer, effectively provides support throughout the project, from new product development, mixing and testing, to filling and packaging.

We offer development and filling services by means of our state-of-the-art equipment in the following fields:

  • automotive (oils, additives, windscreen cleaners, windscreen defrosters)
  • aerosols (hair sprays, deodorants, air fresheners)
  • cleaners (DR. HOUSE Cleaners)
  • disinfectant (DR. HOUSE Disinfectant)
  • Kancilja cosmetics (body care cosmetics, perfumes, liquid soaps)
  • decanting (we have a well-equipped decanting station for decanting hazardous substances from road tank cars to IBC containers or smaller packaging).

Our additional advantage is the service of filling of explosive and flammable products. We offer an appropriate and legally regulated EX CONO.

In development and production, we are dedicated to the compliance with all applicable regulations and standards, constant updating and streamlining of processes, offering our customers flexibility and reliability. All manufactured products ensure high quality and are controlled and equipped with all the necessary traceability data.

For more than 20 years, we have been developing and filling our own brand of Kancilja care cosmetics, but we also offer the services of developing and manufacturing new cosmetic products for private brands and needs of other customers. We have also developed our own brand DR. HOUSE Disinfectants and Cleaners, which are intended for all households as well as for professional use. The aerosol filling line allows filling into spray bottles. We offer both the service of developing new products for a known customer, as well as the production of products according to customers' formulas. In suitably large tanks, we offer the possibility of storing oils, and on filling lines we perform the service of filling various motor oils, additives, vehicle care products (packaging at customers' option).

Our references (we provide filling services for many partners) Petrol, Euroton, Bioteh, Ilirija, Roko, Melamine, Herbana, Essentiq, Vastok.