DR. HOUSE disinfectants

The DR. HOUSE brand has been supplemented with products for a thorough and effective disinfection. The range of products includes products for disinfection of hands, as well as surfaces.

The sanitizers contain more than 70 % alcohol, which enables really effective destruction of microorganisms, at the same time the products are gentle on the skin and safe for the user.

The products are tested in accordance with the directives for biocidal products, are of Slovenian origin and are of high quality. They contain carefully selected and tested materials, as well as skin protection substances. The use of the products is simple and safe for both the user and the environment.

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DR. HOUSE cleaners

DR. HOUSE is the first choice for everyone whose priority is to have a clean and tidy home.

With DR. HOUSE products, we can clean our home thoroughly, efficiently and easily, from top to bottom.

DR. HOUSE products are all-purpose products for household cleaning with a professional effect.

DR. HOUSE cleaners are highly concentrated, which ensures great cleaning power and a professional cleaning result. All-purpose products that are suitable for a wide range of household cleaning. The products are filled in convenient spray bottles that allow easy use. The packaging used for DR. HOUSE products can be fully recycled. The products are of Slovenian origin with the certificate of quality.

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Automotive products

Our automotive range of products offers high-quality products from the group of lubricants, coolants, distilled water and windshield cleaners, which we are constantly extending and improving.

We also provide services of filling coolants, distilled water and windshield cleaners, which we manufacture and fill to customer-specific requests. Distilled water and windshield cleaners are also manufactured and marketed under the DR. HOUSE brand.

Additionally, we prepare distilled water, winter and summer windshield cleaners in various concentrations and in various packages for shops, transport companies and other major customers. 

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Filling services

In development and production, we comply with all applicable regulations and standards, provide regular updating and streamlining of processes, and we offer flexibility and reliability to our customers. All manufactured products ensure high quality and are controlled and equipped with all the necessary traceability data.

cosmetic products: we have been developing and filling our own Kancilja cosmetic care products brand for more than 20 years, and we also offer the service of developing and manufacturing new cosmetic products for the brands and needs of other customers.

aerosols: the aerosol filling line allows filling in spray bottles. We offer both the service of developing new products for a known customer, as well as the production of products according to customer formulas.

automotive products: we offer the possibility of storing oils in large suitable tanks, and on filling lines we perform the service of filling of various motor oils into packaging of the customer's choice; additives, vehicle care products (vehicle care shampoos, glass defrosters, made to measure and according to the customer-specific requests).


REFERENCES: filling services are provided for our partners: Petrol, Euroton, Bioteh, Ilirija, Roko, Melamin, Herbana, Essentiq, Vastok

Kancilja cosmetics

Tehnochem Company has been developing and marketing the Kancilja cosmetic care products for several decades. In the process of development and production, we take into account modern trends and the legislation in the field of cosmetics. All our products are made from natural ingredients and do not contain ingredients of animal origin.

Our Kancilja brand covers a wide range of products, such as: face care creams, creams and liquid soaps for body care and SPA products. Our products are intended for both general consumption and professional use in beauty salons and SPA centres.


Plastik SI d.o.o., PE Tehnochem is a manufacturing company that provides services of development, preparation, mixing and filling of various technical and cosmetic products.

Tehnochem has been part of the Plastik Group since 2009, and in 2016, as a business unit of Plastik SI d.o.o. it became a member of the JUB Group. Our products, known to customers under the brand names Kancilja and DR. HOUSE, are the result of our own development and know-how. The products are the synonyms for cleanliness and personal hygiene in most Slovenian homes.
In addition, we also offer filling services for foreign brands. Our professional staff, in cooperation with the customer, effectively provides support throughout the project - from new product development, mixing and testing, all the way to filling and packaging.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we offer development and filling services in the following areas:

  • automotive (oils, accessories, windshield cleaners, windscreen defrosters)
  • aerosols (hair sprays, deodorants, air fresheners)
  • cleaners
  • sanitizers
  • cosmetics (full body care cosmetics, perfumes, liquid soaps)
  • decanting - we have an equipped decanting station for the transfer of hazardous substances from tank trucks to IBC containers or small containers

ADDITIONAL ADVANTAGE: filling of products that are explosive and fire hazard. We offer appropriate solutions under the EX ZONE regulations.